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Dalbil Construction was founded in 2017 by Engineer Mohamed Nur, CEO of Dalbil Construction.

Dalbil Construction is divided into four main sectors.
Marble Factory Wood Factory
Real Estate

Dalbil designs, decorates and furnitures different types of buildings.

We create luxurious personal homes, residential complexes, hotels, companies, educational institutes, airports, stations and every type of the infrastructured buildings needed.

Whatever your project is, we have the experience and facilities to do it through our various contracting models including general contracting/bid-build, design bid-build and public-private partnerships.

Dalbil has been attracting, holding and employing the most talented, motivated and experienced engineers and technicians in Somalia and abroad.

Their experience, commitment, motivation and passion are the greatest competitive advantage that we have. With young brilliant minds to design luxurious, sophisticated and simply beautiful homes, apartments, interior and exterior design, residential complexes and all of our other projects.

Dalbil also has largest industry of sophisticated and specialized equipment for high-quality and cost-effective interior designing, decoration and furniture in Somalia.


At Dalbil, we offer a variety of services.
In our Marble and Granite Factory we offer high quality, eye catching and beautiful marble and granite for kitchens, stairs, surfaces and walls.

In our Wood Factory we design and produce high quality products ranging from beds, wardrobes, cupboards, dining tables, coffee tables, office tables, chairs, doors, windows, walls, and many more.

As a real estate company too, we design complex and simple houses and build from the foundations up in a breath-taking transformation.

As contractors we take control of projects or a piece of a project and work with other companies to achieve the best possible outcome.


Complete Supply Chain

We are your one-stop solution. Which contains providing natural stone building materials, rapid logistics and superior installation

Professional Design

We have professional and custom engineering drawings, such as 3D design and AutoCAD. We are always here for you, 24 hours a day for design consultations

On-site measurement

We provides a series of door-to-door measurement services; to meet your needs and save your treasured time

Installation Technology

We have over 3 years stone installation experience, and have dispatched workers to site installations all over the world

How can we help you?

Contact us and discuss how to support your custom project.

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